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Jul 10 '14
Jul 10 '14

A letter to WIND mobile about my account balance

Greetings WIND employee,

I have been receiving phone calls and text messages about my account balance, which I understand is approximately $___.  I understand your concern about my lack of recent payments and I assure you it was not my intention to cause such worry. 

Now, on to my excuses reasons for nonpayment: 

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, OSAP has fucked with my funding and gave me about half what I needed to survive over the summer and pay my tuition.  I am currently waiting for a response from my school about a bursary, and will not be able to make any payments until I receive the bursary (assuming I am in fact awarded said bursary). I ask that you please do not suspend service to my phone, though I understand that there are probably policies on such matters that one cannot ignore.  University financial aid is a bureaucratic nightmare, and I can not say with any degree of certainty how long it will take before I receive or am denied my bursary.  At best it will be some time tomorrow; at worst it will be early September when I no longer am pressed for cash.  My account balance will (eventually) be paid in full, and I feel that suspending my service would do nothing but damage our burgeoning relationship. 

If it’s any consolation, I haven’t been able to pay my termination of service fees to Telus either, and you guys will be first up because you mean so much to me.  Please feel free to call me (or rather, call me more, though I get horrible/non-existent reception on the WIND network from my home)  for further information on my situation, as I have been unable to breech the robot wall and reach a real person when I have called.

Love always,


Jun 28 '14


Jun 27 '14
Jun 18 '14
Jun 15 '14
May 12 '14

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May 12 '14

i knew it

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May 5 '14



holy shit


shit got dark

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May 1 '14



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1. Who was it that started the band?

RF and Matt were jamming as a drum and bass two piece, but decided they needed more beard and more blast beats.

2. Who thought up the name?

RF. Nobody wanted to be called xBEDWETTERx I guess.

3. Any lineup changes?

None yet, we should probably get a 2nd guitarist though so I can slack off more… or a floutist (I wonder what Jef Kearns is up to)

4. Ask about the stateside tour with dogma

Dogma rules. I look forward to the inevitable nightly Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

5. Any bands you would like to play with?

I like playing with any band that isn’t full of assholes, preferably at an all ages show in a basement/living room/garage.

6. Any other shows planned?

Not enough.

7. Experience of playing in the states last time

New York was rad. Good people, good bands, awful pizza. Hopefully we go back soon and have more time to hang out.”


1. Who was it that started the band?

Matty (drummer) and I talked about it and then asked the other dudes. We’ve all been there since the first practice.

2.Who thought up the name?


3.Any lineup changes?


4.Ask about the stateside tour with dogma

6 dudes, 1 van.

5.Any bands you would like to play with?

Bands that draw a big crowd who won’t like us. I’m thinking Aerosmith or Motley Crue.

6.Any other shows planned?

In May we’re doing Windsor, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, maybe Cleveland, and Detroit.

7. Experience of playing in the states last time

NYC was great, can’t wait to go back some time. ABC No Rio is a rad space, as is The Acheron in Brooklyn. Iron Force put us up and were gnarly dudes to hang with.

you can check out what corrupt leaders are up to along with links to music @ or @

This is a thing.  Check it out.

Apr 11 '14
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Apr 5 '14


The difference between abuse & neglect and genuine love for a child that may be trans.

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Apr 3 '14
the only reason i continue to use facebook is moments like these.

the only reason i continue to use facebook is moments like these.

Apr 1 '14

It’s here, our new track “Masters of War”!! Listen and tell us what you think?WWW.CORRUPTLEADERS.BANDCAMP.COM #crustpunk #heavymetal #bobdylan



It’s here, our new track “Masters of War”!! Listen and tell us what you think?
#crustpunk #heavymetal #bobdylan


Apr 1 '14